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Alexa Page Rank

Exploring Google Page Rank And Alexa Page Rank

So, you’ve heard a few things about SEO and now you are trying to learn some more about what SEO actually is and what your goals actually are. Well, your main two goals in SEO are to increase your websites position in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) and increase website traffic.

Google Pagerank represents how important your website is compared to all other websites and Alexa Page Rank is how many visitors your website gets in relation to all other websites on the Internet.

You are aiming to get a high Google Pagerank (commonly refered to as PR) and a low Alexa Rank. What looking at these two measured elements does is give you some idea of how well, or how badly, your website is doing in comparison to all other websites. Lets explore these two rankings in a little more detail.What is Google Page Rank?The co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, describe Google Page Rank as a tool designed to rank a website that is listed in the Google search index.

A Pagerank of a web page is given on a scale of 0-10. 0 is the lowest possible score for a website and conversely a 10 is the highest score possible. A high Pagerank is defined by the amount, importance(PageRank) and relevance of web pages that link to the web page in question. When a web page links to another web page, Google consider that to be a vote for the page in question and therefore of some importance.

There is a formula associated to how PageRank is calculated but for the purposes of this article it is too in depth, but if you are interested in the theory behind PageRank (PR) then a quick search on Google will provide fruitful. The Alexa Rank is different to Google PR; Alexa rank websites based solely on traffic to the website. Alexa rank websites in descending order towards 0, where the most highly visited website on the Internet is given a rank of 0. At this point in time the top three ranked websites (most visitors) on Alexa are, 0 – Yahoo, 1 – Google and 2 – MySpace.

According to Alexa these 3 websites get the most alexa traffic on the Internet. Alexa Rankings vary from 1 to a billion. Every web site in the world is included in the Alexa Rank, so the scale on your Alexa ranking is constantly changing in relation to other websites on the Internet.

How Your Traffic Campaign Being Tracked

Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Traffic

It comes by many different names; bulk traffic, redirected traffic, pop ups, pop unders, and sometimes it is even called targeted traffic. But don't believe it. Regardless of what it is called, it is all essentially the same thing -- junk traffic.  And for good reason. Most of the traffic you see for sale, is considered to be very low quality traffic by experienced webmasters.

The cost for this kind of traffic ranges from $5 to $15 for 10,000 visitors and $25- $90 for 50,000 visitors. With such low prices you can estimate that the quality of this traffic would be poor. In fact it is not uncommon for every single pop under visitor to result in a non-action - that is they will not buy or click anything on your site. The reason is simple. They did not end up on your site on purpose, so they simply ignore your site.

Most consider it a nuisance that they where there in the first place. If it really worked, then experienced webmasters would be buying millions upon millions of it everyday, and the demand would be so great that the prices would be forced sky high.

That is what happens with real traffic that converts to sales and you are landed here for different reason - the quality traffics this is the website here mostly PPC traffic from the search engines. The best use for this kind of traffic is for things like banner impressions, and even that can backfire on you once the advertisers find out what you are doing. There is little point purchasing 100,000 visitors to your site if not one of them buys your product, clicks your Adsense ad or makes an action through your CPA form. You are simply wasting your money.

Countless webmasters have conducted tests with this kind of traffic with little luck when it comes to return on investment. In many cases it would only take one affiliate sale to make the money back on the traffic investment cost; however this rarely occurs due to the low quality of the traffic sent. Why is this kind of traffiic so bad? The main reason is that it is completely untargeted, regardless of what you have been told by the seller.

There is no demographic targeting or anything that would result in an increased chance of conversion. Some testers have stated that pop under traffic can work if there is a lot of it. This can mean purchasing hundreds of thousands of visitors in order to make just one or two sales. It has to be asked whether it is worth the money and effort required, or if the money is best spent elsewhere. Indeed, if 100,000 visitors were to be generated from a much more targeted source it could result in a conversion rate of 5% or more compared with a 0% conversion rate from targeted traffic.

 People buy cheap traffic mainly because they are looking for a short cut to success - and it sounds like the answer they are looking for. If you still choose to proceed with a this kind of traffic campaign, make sure you track your statistics in order to confirm that you are receiving the traffic number stated. You should also ensure that the traffic provider has a money back guarantee if they do not provide the stated unique visitor numbers as outlined on their website.

It is best to spend your time and money on more reliable sources of traffic. Try our quality visitor traffic offer services if your goal is to make sales.

Where To Buy Unique Traffic Visitor

So you’ve launched your new website and aggressively tackled social media marketing. My guess is you’ve been reading up on SEO, and how doing content marketing is the next best thing for getting eyeballs.


How’s your web traffic looking? If it looks amazing, then good for you. Your strategy is paying off! 

If not, there’s hope. Actually, there’s a cure for your problem. It’s called ‘Crowd Search SEO’. What is Crowd Search SEO? In its most basic definition, it’s when you buy/rent advertising space on another website. Today many people just know it as ‘buy site traffic’ or ‘buy visitor’ to your site.

 If you are struggling getting eyeballs to your website, then you’re missing a key ingredient in your digital media mix. Maybe you’ve heard about 'buying visitor traffic'. Perhaps you’ve thought about it, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Even worse, maybe you’ve tried it and it failed (because you didn’t go about it the right way).

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